Meal Planning Monday: 20th Jan

Monday again, already? Yuck! Actually I don’t mind Monday’s too much to be honest, we have playgroup in the morning so that gets me up and out at a decent time. It’s just the thought that its Monday again I don’t like.

Whats on the menu this week:

Roast Dinner
Waitrose had an offer on this week for a meat and 2 veg for £6 so we got a 1.2kg chicken, a bag of parsnips and some broccoli. I cannot stand touching raw chicken, but luckily I found a garlic and herb season and shake packet in the cupboard which solved that problem. It also solved the carving problem as the chicken was so moist it fell off the bone and we also got some gorgeous gravy as well. I did roast potatoes with it too, yum! There was enough chicken left for tonight too, so we had that with boiled potatoes and salad. I’m sure my salad was healthy before I smothered it in blue cheese dressing and crunchy bacon bits!

Oriental Pork
Those of you that read last weeks MPM, would’ve seen this on last weeks menu. It’s not that I loved it so much that I’m cooking it again this week, more that I couldn’t be bothered to cook it on Saturday knowing that we were getting the food shopping delivered on Sunday and I was doing a roast, so I bumped it to this week instead.

Minced Beef Suet-Crust Roll
This is another Jo Wheatley recipe, but I used to make something like this with bacon, and Oscar liked it, so fingers crossed he’ll like this too. I should get 2 nights out of this with some potatoes, vegetables and the gravy from the roast on Sunday.

I really fancied these so we will have these on Saturday, as Paul has the day off and we can all eat together, which is a rarity these days as Paul is generally at work till 10pm. I’ve got refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, cheese and chilli’s to serve with them too.

What have you got planned meal-wise for this week?

Meal Planning Monday


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Oscar’s next adventure

I bought a potty yesterday. For Oscar, obviously not me. And to be honest I’m not ready for him to use it. The thought of potty training him scares me absolutely shitless. I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing, the how to do it, when or anything. Google is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard, I don’t even know why I looked on there but I did and that just made it all a million times worse.

How do you potty train a toddler for gods sake? Put him on there every hour or when he says he needs to go? If he says he needs to go. Pull-ups or pants? I don’t f*cking know, all I know is that I am totally not ready for this yet. Not by a long shot. We’ve got horrible carpet in this flat, am I going to be constantly chasing him with the potty for the next god knows how long, so he doesn’t wee (or worse) on the carpet? What about if I we go into town on the bus and he needs a wee? Just, what do I do?!?! I let him chose his potty, its looks more like a little chair, we sat him (fully clothed) on loads of different ones but they all looked really short and he looked really uncomfortable on them all, apart from the one we bought. So I suppose that’s a bonus. And I got him some big boy pants as well which just freaks me out even more. Just stop growing up please!


He is nearly 3, in fact he will be 3 in just over 8 weeks time. Time is going past far too quickly, I suppose every parent wishes they could just stop the clock, or at least slow it down a little. He is hurtling towards the next stages in his life far too quickly. We handed his form in for his free 15 hours at nursery last week, he gets that from April. Not that I am sending him 15 hours straight away. I have no need to, I don’t have other children to look after, or a job to go to, other than being a housewife. I feel like I’m only sending him as its the normal thing to do, the expected thing of me. He is such a sociable little thing that I know he will be ok with it, its just me who isn’t ready for it. We’re only sending him 2 mornings a week to begin with, just to see how he gets on with it. That’s enough for me. We make a good team, me and him. He have snuggles on the sofa in the mornings in our pjs and he has a mummy biscuit and a daddy biscuit. He helps me with the housework and scares me every time he does a huge leap off the sofa or the bed shouting “that was incredible!” He tells me how to make his porridge and I do the bits he can’t do, like get the packet, open the milk and measure it out into the jug, put the porridge in and get it out the microwave and the put it on the windowsill to cool down. Everything else he will do himself, with my supervision. He wants to do so much for himself these days, but every time he does something new for himself and doesn’t need me to do it, my heart breaks a little more inside. Oh crap and now I’m crying just writing this.

Come November we will have to apply for his school place, ready for September 2015. I can’t bare to think about it so I suppose I shall just stick my head in the sand for a little while longer.

Just please stop growing for a little while Oscar, just while mummy wipes her tears away and gets used to all the new and wonderful things you do.


P.S – any advice on how to potty train because just in case it didn’t come across in this post, I haven’t a bloody clue what to do.


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What I put on my face

I am awful at buying skincare, its not that I buy it badly, but I feel like I’m always bloody buying it, trying to find my holy grail product that will solve all my skin problems. As yet I still haven’t found it, but I’m feeling a better about my skin. Apart from the other morning when I left my cleanser on for far too long before I washed it off and ended up looking sunburnt. Not good.


This is what I use on my face on a daily basis. I use the same cleanser and toners morning and night, but in the evening I double cleanse with the L’Oréal cleansing oil and obviously I use different moisturiser morning and night. I never used to double cleanse, or use a toner, but I then read Caroline Hirons’ blog and never looked back. My skin looks better for it too. My skin is combination with large pores on my nose and onto my cheeks, and nothing will close those pores, as to quote Caroline “They’re not doors” Don’t take any notice of the Vitamin E bottle on the end, that is just the bottle that I put my rosewater in. And the reason there are 2 toners in the picture is because I had nearly run out of my Effaclar toner but I decided to photograph it anyway.

skincare collage

My morning routine


I use a pumpful of Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean on to dry skin, massage it in and then remove with a wet flannel. I then tone first with Botanics Brighting toner, (yes I know its the Effaclar in the picture!) then follow it up with rosewater that I got in a health food shop. Once that is done I pop some Effaclar Duo on any spots, massage in some Nivea Q10plus Anti Wrinkle cream for combination skin and I’m good to go.

Evening routine


I massage 2 pumps of the L’Oréal cleansing oil into dry face, then remove in circular motions with a wet flannel. I dry my face then use the Peaches and Clean in the same way. Caroline recommends using running water to rinse your flannel, but the skinflint in me sees it as quite literally, money down the drain, so I fill the sink with fresh water for each cleanser. Once that’s all done, its toning again with the same toners as the morning and then I put a thin layer of La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo on my face. I know everyone raves about it, but I haven’t found it to be as amazing as its made out to be. Sometimes I will then use some Superdrug Hydrating serum depending on how my skin is behaving. I’ve just looked at the picture above and realised I’ve taken the vitamin e label off the bottle. Good continuity there.

I bought this body shop facial massager at the weekend after reading this blog post. I’ve only been using it for a few days so not long enough to tell if its making a difference.


Once I’ve massaged my face with the knobbly thing on a stick, I put on some soap and glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator. This stuff is amazing. Seriously amazing. And it smells like Archers, what more do you want? And then that’s me done for the night. If I remember I’ll put some coconut oil under my eyes to moisturise there but 9 times out of 10 I forget to do it.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my skincare routine, if you want any more photos or in depth reviews of any of the products I’ve mentioned then please let me know. And if you’re interested in skincare then definitely read Caroline’s blog, I can’t recommend it enough.



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Meal Planning Monday:13th Jan

Monday rolls around far too quickly for my liking, so here is a nice gentle post to ease you into the week.


As you can see our shopping was delivered yesterday ready for the week ahead. This is what is on the menu this week:

☆ Chicken, Maple and Parsnip traybake.
This is from Jo Wheatley’s “Home Baking” that I mentioned in yesterdays post. We had a traybake last Sunday and it went down well with Oscar, and I thought I’d do another one this week. I really like them as I don’t always fancy a full Sunday roast, but these are a nice alternative. Plus this one contains Parsnips which I love.

☆ Moussaka
I don’t even have a recipe for this, I just know how to make it. It is one of my favourite comfort foods ever and always reminds me of holidays to Greece and Cyprus seeing my family. I cheat with the topping and use packets of Bechamel powder that my family will bring back from Cyprus for me. I find that it always tastes better the day after I’ve cooked it.

☆ Oriental Pork
This recipe is from one of my slow cooker books. I’m not a big fan of sweet and sour sauce, and the first time I made this I followed the recipe and when I sat down to eat it, realised I’d basically just made sweet and sour pork! I do like this though.

☆ Family Tuna Casserole
I have never cooked this before in my life, but I’ve had this slow cooker recipe on my list of things to make for a while, so thought I’d give it a shot. I have no idea how it will turn out so fingers crossed!

I’ve also got a few sweet treats to bake this week, if I get round to it,  so I’ll share them with you another time.

Hope you all have a good week x

Meal Planning Monday


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Whats cooking?

I hate meal planning. Its safe to say its up there with mopping the floor and sorting the airing cupboard on my list of jobs I hate. While I can get away with not doing the other 2, sadly meal planning is one thing I can’t not do. Seeing as I’m at home all day, naturally cooking dinner falls to me, so its up to me to decide what we’re eating for the week. Luckily Paul will order it for me, which is the easy part, but even then I can take ages while Paul will get it done quickly. I just get far too distracted. I have to know as otherwise I’ll just look at the blank screen and expect it to tell me what to cook. Or if I’m lucky enough to be taken to the supermarket, I’ll wander the aisles aimlessly while I ponder what the hell I’m going to cook.

This week I did a Tesco order as I had some money off vouchers, including a £10 off one from last time I ordered with them and things were rotten. Usually, and this sounds so snobbish, we get our shopping from Waitrose, purely because Paul gets discount. If he didn’t we couldn’t afford to shop there, so I’m grateful for it. After having nice tinned tomatoes, I can’t go back to tesco value tinned toms which are more water than tomatoes. Plus it makes me laugh seeing the Waitrose van in our (supposedly rough) village.

On the menu this week we had all new recipes to me; 2 Nigella recipes, a slow cooker one and a Jo Wheatley one which involved me having to go and buy a new saucepan for it.


I got  Nigella’s “Nigellisima” out from the library just before Christmas and have been wanting to cook this since I saw it: Pasta Risotto with Panchetta (bacon in my case) and petit pois (frozen veg for me) which was so tasty, but also odd in that you cook the pasta until all the water is absorbed, like you do with risotto rice. One tip, don’t get the Orzo pasta from Tesco, it was £2.49 a bag! Get it from Sainsburys or Waitrose where its only 95p or £1.10 respectively. I also cooked the Italian Traybake as well which was a lovely alternative to a Sunday Roast and it contains lemon zest and fresh rosemary, so it made the flat smell lovely. It also lasted us 2 nights so I had a night off from cooking, other than heating up some frozen veg.


My dad got me Jo Wheatley’s “Home Baking” for Christmas and the Penne Ragu Bake sounded gorgeous the first time I read the book, never mind the other times. I decided I was going to cook it, got all the ingredients…… and then realised that I’d need an ovenproof saucepan with a lid. Luckily my local co-op had an offer and were selling some casserole pans for £7.99, so armed with one of them, and the ingredients, I slowly magicked up this bake. It needs to be cooked for 3-4 HOURS on gas mark 1/2, but believe me, it is so worth it. It also serves 6-8 at least. I’ve also earmarked the lemon and white chocolate muffins to make this weekend.

The slow cooker one was a Mexican tortilla lasagne which I wasn’t sure would be any good, but it so was. I’m having to stop Paul from picking at whats left so we have enough left for tomorrow night. I even managed to get a picture of it for you, you lucky lucky people.

I also bought a Kenwood KMix hand mixer this week, as I’ve wanted one for ages so I could make meringue, macaroons and other such things, and it has a dough hook too so Paul can use it to make bread too. First thing to make with it might be Nigella’s Cappuccino Pavlova. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


These are the books I got from the library this week, Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals and Mrs Beeton How To Cook. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to have a proper read of them soon.

What have you been cooking this week? Please tell me I’m not the only one who hates deciding what to eat?


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Aims for 2014

Hello everyone! I would’ve got this post up sooner but I’ve actually had to do proper mum things recently, like housework and taking Oscar to the park. And the food shopping, which I’m meant to be doing as I type this, but the internet is just too distracting.

I’m not normally one for making resolutions as they only usually last about 2 weeks days before I give up on whatever healthy or fad thing I was trying to do. This year I decided that I would do a set of aims instead, things I want to achieve in 2014 but it won’t be the end of the world if I dont manage it.


Its a pretty self explanatory list I think, but just incase you cant see it, ill type it in more detail:

☆ Spend less time on my phone
I am awful woth my phone, it is constantly in my hand, whenever I have a spare few minutes I’m always checking facebook, twitter, instagram…. and I know for a fact I am missing out on things when I’m engrossed in my phone, even little things like Oscar saying something funny. I always think to myself “oh I’ll just quickly look at……” and it never is just a quick look. I don’t want Oscar’s memories of me to be me constantly on my phone. I’m hoping that by spending less time on my phone it’ll help me achieve some of my other aims for the year ahead.

☆ Decorate and tidy our flat
We’ve been in this flat nearly 6 years now and although we’ve painted the kitchen and the bathroom, they were the easy rooms. Last year and the year before we had to have some building work done on the flat which has left us with lots of bare plaster and ripped wallpaper, and quite frankly makes the flat looks like a dump and I hate it. I spend most of my time in the flat so of course I want it to look nice, not depress me to shit. The whole flat needs a bloody good tidy too, we’re both really bad hoarders but it needs tidying, theres boxes of stuff, piles of papers and things everywhere. We’re going to hire a carpet cleaner as the carpets are atrocious, especially in the front room, its that really cheap and nasty corded carpet you get in rental properties and its just awful now and in some places, permanently sticky too which is a worry! All the bare plaster has to be painted white before we can even do anything but even that will be an improvement. Then we can think about decorating. We’ve got delightful woodchip wallpaper in Oscar’s room and the hallway so that might go, although I’m concerned about the state of the walls underneath so maybe not. So this year my aim is to get on top of the mess and make our flat somewhere where I want to be, somewhere where I’m proud to invite people round.

☆ Try and be healthier
This isn’t me saying I’m going to lose x stone, it’s me saying I want to try and be healthier, make better food choices and that. I rarely eat fruit as I just forget to buy it, so even if its just remembering to buy fruit then I’ll be pleased with myself. Even better if I remember to eat it and not put it into a cake!

That leads me on to
☆ Bake more
I always seem to cook the same things, usually a cake of some kind, nothing particularly taxing. Ive got a whole bookcase of cookbooks so I want to try and push myself a bit more and bake something more exciting than a cake.

One of my main aims this year, I probably should have but it further up, is to
☆Be more organised
I am awful at being organised, im sure some of it is because I’m permanently attached to my phone and I’m easily distracted. Plus I’m fundamentally lazy. Most mornings you can find me and Oscar still in our pjs at 11am and it is often 5.30-6 and i’ve not even thought about dinner, but it has to change. He’ll be starting nursery in April probably so that will involve some mornings having to be there for 9.15. I’m hoping that by being more organised I’ll be able to fit more into my day, which will lead me on to

☆Be a better housewife
I know it sounds so awful and twee, but the fact of the matter is Paul goes out to work therefore I am at home all day so it’s only natural that the majority of the housework is down to me. I’m hoping that by being more organised I will be able to get more done and not let it all build up so much that I just look at what needs to be done and run away screaming.

☆ Improve my blog
I want to try and improve my little home on the internet this year, I’d like some more readers, who wouldn’t, and just to get my blog “out there” more. I have a few things up my sleeve already, nothing too drastic though. Talking of my blog, do you like my new header? It’s so me!

☆ improve my photography
I want to improve my photography, Paul is the better photo taker in our house, but I’d like to be able to take good ones too. I only have a basic digital camera, or my phone. I also hope to print out more of our pictures, what is the point of having beautiful pictures if they’re hidden on our computers?

Last but not least
☆Travel somewhere on a plane
Ideally that would be to somewhere hot but even if its just within the UK I don’t mind. I just want to go on a plane. Or i’d even be happy on a long train journey. I just want to travel.


What are your aims/goals/whatever you want to call them for this year? Any hints/suggestions for helping me to achieve them? I know the phone one is going to be a difficult one as I do everything on my phone. If you have done a post on this then please comment below and we can support each other x


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What I got for Christmas

I know some people find these posts really braggy and all “look at me, look what I have” and make people feel bad, but honestly there’s nothing of that with this post. I’ve only posted this as I love reading these posts myself.


From Paul and Oscar I got Porefessional, Hello Flawless powder and Bella Bamba lipgloss. I was also lucky enough to get 2 pandora charms. Paul’s mum got me my Pandora bracelet in September for my 30th, and ive got 6 charms on there now, so it was nice to add 2 more to my collection. Paul and Oscar bought me the gorgeous emerald green murano glass charm, and the heart padlock and key charm,  I think its called key to my heart.

From my mum, her husband and my brother I got the most softest and strokeable pyjamas ever from M&S. You cant really see that well in the picture but they’re heart print ones. I got some slippers, which Paul calls my old lady slippers, but I don’t care as now I have toasty feet. As a little joke present mum bought me a little ipad notebook and pen which I know will come in handy. I got the Real Techniques stippling brush which I’m excited to start using. I usually put my foundation on with a flat brush but after seeing a stippling brush on so many blogs and youtube videos, I decided I wanted one too. Peer pressure right there! As you can possibly guess from the picture, I was lucky enough to get another Pandora charm from my mum, this time the book of fairy tales charm. Last but not least, I was also lucky enough to get the Hell Bunny Liv dress. I’ve wanted this dress for months, ever since I saw it online. It is a gorgeous dark red colour, with black flocked tattoo print, and black straps. I’ve talked about this dress before on my Hell Bunny favourites post and I cannot describe how thrilled I was to get it, as well as all my other presents.



My gran said she was stuck on what to get me this year so I was lucky enough to receive the big Soap and Glory Yule Monty gift set. Everyone in my family knows I am partial to a bit of Soap and Glory, so I was happy to receive this.


This present is quite possibly one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received. One of my little brothers is in America so obviously he couldn’t be with us for Christmas. We had planned to try and talk to him on skype on Christmas Day, but the storm last week knocked out the power at my mums till Boxing Day, so we ended up at my grans for dinner. Anyway, my brother had sent over a parcel with letters in it for everyone, which made me cry a bit. He also sent over a few little presents for people, and the picture above is mine. Sam used to work in Costa in town for years, then he got a first in his Architecture degree and buggered off for a year. During his degree he did alot of 3D printing which I think is the most amazing and clever thing, ever. So for christmas he got me a 3D printed gold coffee tamper charm. Eeeee! How bloody cool and amazing is that! I can now say that I own something that has been 3d printed and the fact that its a coffee tamper is just so perfect to remind me of Sam.


Boxing day we went to my dad’s and I was lucky enough to get lots of chocolate, which I reckon I’ll still be eating at Easter, as well as these two presents. Jo Wheatley was the winner of the bake off in 2011 and has now released her second cookbook. I got her first one, A passion for baking, last year so when I knew she was bringing out another it went straight on my Christmas list. I’ve had a quick flick through and theres some lovely recipes in there I can’t wait to try. I also got another Soap and Glory set, this time its the shower one with a scrubby poof, shower gel and body butter.

I also got, but forgot to photograph, an art deco 2014 pocket diary and a little box of lindor chocs from my cousin and a “wheres the meerkat” book from Jack to share with Oscar. Paul and me also got a bottle of bucks fizz from my aunty and a well needed draught excluder from my gran.

I hope that that wasnt too boring or anything, I’m off to clear some space on the box before it shouts even more at me and refuses to record anything. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, if you’ve done one of these posts then feel free to link up. I don’t know if I’ll do a 2013 review type post, so if I don’t, I wish you all a happy new year whatever you’re up to, and I’ll see you next year.


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Day trip to London

Many many moons ago (ok about 4-5 years ago)Paul and I would go up to London usually round about the 15th Dec and we’d do all our Xmas shopping in one day on oxford street. It was mental. But in a good way. But since we got married and then Oscar came along we haven’t been to London apart from Victoria station. And a trip to Westfield the month before I gave birth. Not my wisest idea that one. Anyway I got invited to the New Look preview event and we decided to make a family day of it, show Oscar the bright lights of London and hopefully fit in a trip to the aquarium.

We’d planned to get to oxford st by bus, but after talking to a helpful tube man we braved taking Oscar on the underground. He loved it, he was going wow and so fast daddy all the time. Even now a month later hes asking to go on the underground train again. I think that was certainly a hit! Once at Oxford Circus I toddled off to new look HQ, while Paul and Oscar went to have a nose round John Lewis.

After lunch in pret with a grumpy Oscar cos he couldn’t see the buses, we decided we’d do the aquarium and see if Oscar would sleep on the way in his pushchair. Er not a chance! As we walked past Hamleys the window caught his (and mine) attention so we went in. I forgot how busy it’d be in there. and expensive. I picked up a George pig, granted it was massive, but £72?!?! No way José. We had a look upstairs to get ideas for Oscar for Christmas then coming down we got caught by the magic snow lady. Naturally Oscar wanted to feel it and play with it, so we couldn’t not get a box. The staff then announced a puppet show and when we got closer we realised it was the Gruffalo! Oscar loves the Gruffalo, and always brings the books up to me and says “look mummy its the Gruffalo. Its my FAVOURITE” he sat there as good as gold watching the puppet show and was so thrilled at the end when the Gruffalo said “bye Oscar”


We then rejoined the hordes outside and walked down to Piccadilly Circus to show Oscar the big screens. We were going to then get a bus to the aquarium but decided to walk to see if Oscar would sleep. Nope, not happening. We walked down Whitehall, past Horseguards parade where Oscar decided he didn’t like horses, past the cenotaph, past downing street until we came to parliament square and Big Ben. Oscar thought Big Ben was pretty cool and kept saying “clock mummy”

We got to the aquarium and what happens, Oscar looks like hes about to fall asleep. Soon as we told him we were going to see the fishes though he soon perked up! He really loved seeing all the fish, the stingrays (which you cant touch anymore) and the sharks especially. He did get to touch a starfish and an anemone. And there was penguins!! Although Paul thinks they weren’t real and might’ve been anamatronic ones. Spoilsports. Oscar then fleeced us £5 for a sealife centre cup, but seeing as we had a 2 for 2l1 voucher for me and Paul, I suppose I had to buy something really.


When we got out of the aquarium it was dark and seeing as we didn’t really want to have to fight with the masses to try and get a train at rush hour, what did we decide to do? Yes, walk back to oxford street. So back along the river, up Whitehall, through Trafalgar Square, up into Leicester Square to see the lights and then back to Piccadilly Circus. It was a lot busier than earlier, probably because it was dark and Paul took the pushchair off me as I was starting to use it a bit like a battering ram. Oscar seemed much more keen on the lights this time as he could actually see them, same with Oxford street.


Regents Street lights

John Lewis and House of Fraser looked all twinkly and festive and pretty, Debenhams just looked miserable. Seriously Debenhams, where are your lights???

I had a quick gawp at Mika (remember him?) in the swatch shop, and then I felt a force pulling me to its windows. Selfridges was calling me. I really love Selfridges christmas windows, they’re always so different and fun and just well, festive.


We weren’t going to go in but we did and ended up on the 4th floor which was their Christmas emporium where I bought an overpriced bauble, and it doesn’t even say Selfridges on it. Sad face. It is however all glittery and has an O on it, so it’s not all bad. I also managed to get a quick snap of the little christmas window of their shop in Selfridges: my favouriestest shop in the world ever….TIFFANY! I love it so much that I even painted my bathroom the colour of their bags. I literally took a Tiffany box into b&q and said I want paint this colour please. And how beautiful is this little scene, with a sleigh full of little Tiffany boxes and a Tiffany coloured lamp post. I can’t actually put into words how much I love this window.


After we escaped Selfridges I decided in my wisdom that we might as well walk back to Victoria station, rather than being sensible and getting on a bus. I then had to force Paul into Primark and he spent longer than I did in there. Here’s what I bought, a wine velvet skater skirt for £8 and some of their famous super cosy tights. I wanted a skirt like this after I saw a topshop one on a Tanya Burr vlog, but it was £28 and I couldn’t justify it. Then I saw this one from Primark on a Zoella vlog and fell in love.


Oh and Paul bought me this hat, but I think Oscar might steal it.

After what felt like the worlds longest walk down past the Dorchester etc I think I might’ve lost the will to live. Every time I’ve been to London and decided to walk back to Victoria, I do this. You think I would’ve learnt my lesson now, but no. I have never been so glad to see a train station in all my life. Even one where all the trains are screwed and its crammed with people. I practically ran to maccys while Paul and Oscar ran to the train to try and get a seat. But yay we did it! It was heaving and slow and horrible and I was probably going to win the rubbish parent of the day award as it was like 8.30 and Oscar was still awake and eating maccys for dinner, but I didn’t care as I was sitting down!

We finally got home after a few delays (southeastern I’m coming for you) at something ridiculous like 10.50 with an Oscar who refused to sleep until we got home as the train was far too exciting. Obviously. Thank god he gave us a lie-in in the morning.

It was a lovely day and we’ve already decided to take Oscar up to London again for his birthday in march, either to the dinosaur museum or London zoo.

Any suggestions on a good place to take a 3 year old in London?


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A festive weekend

The last weekend before Christmas was full of festive cheer. One of my oldest friends got married in March in Mauritius and had a church blessing in her local little village church.

On sunday we went to see the coca cola truck in town. There was a long queue so we went to costa
After we joined the long queue to have an offical picture with the truck.


Not the offical picture

When we got home Paul had to go for a nap as he was on nights that night starting at 10pm. Whilst he was asleep the firemen came round. Every year the village firemen , decorate their fire engine with christmas lights, play Christmas songs really loud and drive round the village. They have a collection bucket and one of the firemen dresses up as Father Christmas and gives all the children sweets.

I really love it, it makes me feel really festive as when I see that I know Christmas isn’t too far away. I wasn’t sure what Oscar would make of it, but he really enjoyed it and wanted them to come back.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas. I will have a few more Christmassy posts over the next few days, just to prolong the festive season!


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Christmas crafts

Seeing as Oscar was that bit older this year, I thought I would try some Christmas crafts with him.

First up, paper chains. Not the easiest thing for him to grasp and when I did make a little one, he ripped it. Maybe I’ll save that one for next year.


Christmas card making. Now this was much more fun. Oscar loves painting so I thought what better way to combine christmas and painting, and add in some glitter too! We actually did 3 batches of these, the first one had to be posted early to my brother in California, then the ones to catch the last second class post, and finally the family for Christmas day.

Each time we did it though, Oscar ended up covered in glitter like so:

We did also make some gingerbread and shortbread on Christmas Eve but I was so busy I didn’t take any photos.

Do you do any Christmas crafts with your little ones (if you have them) or do you remember doing them as a child? 


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